Newsletter Release Notes December 23rd: Normalized Merchant Info, 3rd Party Drivers and Tier Based Delivery Fees

December 23, 2022

Newsletter Release Notes:
Normalized Merchant Info,
3rd Party Drivers and
Tier Based Delivery Fees

Normalized Merchant Info

We have introduced a new functionality which pings Google Places and obtains the Google Places ID, restaurant name, phone number, hours and address from google.

There is a new manner in which you can add restaurants through a search and find function where this places data will automatically fill out for you.

The system will run every week to find google places IDs for any restaurant profile which does not yet have one.

We plan to use this data to improve the data which we use to integrate with third parties such as Google and Apple.

No additional action is required by the client for this to take affect.

3rd Party Integration With DoorDash

Utilizing our 3rd Party Partnerships will allow you to handle more orders with fewer drivers when you’re in a pinch.
You can manually get quotes and send a 3rd Party Driver yourself or let AutoDispatch send orders once you hit an above-average Delivery Time Threshold.

If you would like to find out exactly how much these couriers are costing you on a daily/weekly/monthly basis you can easily do so by navigating to
from here you will select profiles that are under COURIER DRIVER ACCOUNT selection.

Additionally you can look at REPORTS > DRIVER > PAYOUT for a shorter summary of orders under
PEN BULL name.

This report is useful to see how many orders you are processing through 3rd Party drivers per day of the week.

To learn more please visit our Knowledge Base article HERE

Tier Based Delivery Fees

This is our most advanced and highly suggested method on how to handle your Delivery Fees.
Other options function fine BUT you will not be able to customize your setup as much as this.

The TIERED STRUCTURE is the best because you have the most control over what the fees are, how they’re separated depending on mileage and much more.

Before we adjust the Tiered fees on a per restaurant basis it is always useful to set up a DEFAULT for ALL of your NEW restaurants.
You can do this by navigating to LOCATIONS tab in your admin backend after which you can select the location and go to the DELIVERY FEES tab.

Instead of manually inputting the values for ALL the fields you can load one of our TEMPLATES
Either the “Driver Avg $15 per hour” or “Driver Avg $11 per hour” that you will be able to see in the video above. If you would like a more detailed guide on this subject please go to our Knowledge Base article HERE

Additional Features and Updates

Saving your time and focusing on things that matter more to you can be challenging so we're always looking for ways to automate things in order to allow you to do that.

Our fully automated menu builder can create full menus with all options and sub-options in minutes. If our menu builder is unable to find information and create one you can always contact us and we can have our menu creation team do it for you.

You can see the video guide HERE

Once you are ready to expand your team and grow your business we have an easy solution to appoint people in your system to correct roles.

Whether if it's a manager, sales representative, customer support representative, dispatcher or any other role you might need you can easily give them permissions to things YOU want them to have while keeping your finances and other sections of the software private if needed.

Read more about it HERE and start managing your team with ease!

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