January 13, 2023

Newsletter Release Notes:
1099 Tax Documents,
Order with Google Restaurant Feed and
Driver Floor Pay

1099 Tax Documents

Nobody likes tax season but it has to be done so we don't have to talk to Uncle Sam again and so we can focus on more growth and expanding our businesses.

You can easily find your tax documents under the "Manage Payments" tab in your admin backend as soon as Stripe issues these documents for your business, restaurants and drivers.

If you DO NOT see these documents yet, Stripe is most likely still working on providing those documents to your platform.
Some commonly asked questions can be found HERE!

Order with Google Restaurant Feed

You can now track the status of your Order with Google integration listings with ease. We also added a Partner Warning View, which will allow you to see the restaurants that our system can't mark as Partnered on it's own. Restaurants with unsure partnerships will need verification of the partnership in order to provide them service on Order with Google.

Our integration with Google thrives on good ratings, accurate delivery times and good pricing so ensuring we all do our best helps everyone in the network generate more orders.

With this feed you will be able to see all of your listings that are associated with Order with Google integration, you will also be able to see a Partner Warning View while also checking Restaurant Feedback & Status.

We also go over the Restaurant unknown to Google Example and  how Restaurant Single Embed Only affect your Order with Google listings.

This integration will help your Delivery Service to grow and you can use this feed to bring value to your future restaurant partners through proven growth tactics that our Google integration offers.



Driver Floor Pay

Speaking of growth tactics and ways of increasing order volume you always have to remember that order volume and drivers onboarded go hand in hand.

In order to process more orders you obviously have to have more drivers, but keeping them incentivized can sometimes be tricky.
Our Driver Floor Pay feature lets you strategize and predict how much it's going to cost you to keep those drivers on a hourly guarantee.
This way you can guarantee yourself additional drivers and invest in some sms/e-mail marketing and increase your order volume significantly.

How does it work?

Driver Floor Pay calculation = Driver Tip + Driver Commission + Driver Credits (including Surge Pay) divided by Hours worked (Hours are prorated by the minute).

*For example if a driver works for 5 hours and makes $50 that’s an average of $10 an hour.


Charges do NOT count against their Floor Pay.

*For example if a driver makes a mistake and you charge them $25 for that mistake, the system will still consider that the driver made $50 in that time period and an average of $10 an hour.

Additional Features and Updates

In order to ensure your employees, drivers and/or managers have the right set of permissions to your admin backend you can utilize the PERMISSIONS in your admin backend.

This allows you to streamline your operations without having to micro manage or do busy work for your team.

You will have the ability to limit the amount of access that your team has to sensitive information like Payments, Financial Reports, Superadmin features and many more.

Knowing when a customer places their first order can be a very important thing that can sometimes help you acquire a long time customer.

Focusing on these orders and ensuring they go smoothly can bring a new regular customer to your business.

Click "Read More" to learn how to display this marker on your dispatch board.

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