Newsletter Release Notes September 12th: Featured Restaurant, Order Editing and Fraud Alerts

September 5, 2022

Newsletter Release Notes:
Featured and Recommended Restaurants,
Order Editing Fundamentals and
Fraud Alerts

Featured and Recommended Restaurants

Onboarding local restaurants, boosting their visibility AND sales can greatly increase your profit margins as well as create easy brand awareness for your delivery service in the area.

You can choose to "Feature", "Recommend" and/or display Partnered restaurants above all other restaurants, this will help you provide additional value to your restaurant partners by showing them that you want to support local businesses above big corporate chains and fast food restaurants.

This is also a great tool to use when trying to close a deal with a local restaurant and explain to them that by featuring/recommending them you can start bringing them orders right away.

Order Editing Fundamentals

In order to run your business as profitable and efficient as possible you should have immaculate customer service. If you're not already utilizing our Dispatch and Customer Support team learning how to edit orders and issue refunds to customers that experience issues is crucial to "earn" a returning customer.

There are many ways you can edit an order, from live edits and changes, to items and credits, as well as additional charges to customers and/or drivers depending on the situation.

It is also useful to learn all the basic functions of our Dispatch Screen in order to understand how the order flow is functioning and jumping in to help if needed.

Fraud Alerts, Triggers and Blocked Addresses

Fraud Alerts are very useful alerts that you can have on your dispatch screen that can help you deal with potential scammers or returning "bad" customers. There are certain scenarios that trigger these alerts, learn more about them in the video above or read about it in our Confluence article below.

You can manage which Fraud Alerts you want to trigger an alert on your dispatch screen so you can handle those situations accordingly or make a standardized plan with your staff on how to verify/check the legitimacy of those orders.

Blocking addresses is another way of dealing with scams and bad customers

This feature will let you block a specific address completely or an individual user at that address level.

The reason why we have this option available is to prevent excluding a whole Workspace, Office building, Apartment building, Hospital, etc…. from ordering from your Delivery Service.

Additional Features and Updates

Whether you're using our Dispatchers or not you should understand how a Dispatch Screen works and customize your view so you can see exactly what YOU feel is important to YOU.

Dispatcher columns allow you to sort info in any number of ways, one week you might want to focus on Customer data and alerts while next week you might want to see how your drivers are performing and we make it all possible.

Once you come up with a system that you're comfortable with you can be more efficient with your time viewing the Dispatch Screen and possibly focus more on growing your business.

If you have non-partnered restaurants that you offer on your website you can utilize our Virtual Pay Online cards to quickly pay for those orders and allow our Dispatching and Order Placing teams to be quick and get those orders processed as soon as possible.

There are only a few steps to get this started that you can see in the article below by clicking on the "Read More".

This can also help you quickly add a variety of restaurants whether they are a Fast Food, National chains or just a local restaurant that you would like to offer "pick up" services for like Delis, Chinese Take-outs, etc...

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