How customizable is the site?

About 90% — we give you the framework and you can customize the rest if you want. Certain things, like where the shopping cart is located on the page, can’t be changed, but nearly all of the “look and feel” aspects can.

I already have a website, do I have to close it and use your's?

No. If you’re happy with your site now, we can simply embed our system within your website. It’ll look like you just added online ordering …

Who do you use for credit card processing?

We have established a technology partnership with Stripe ( to give you the best possible payment technology to grow your orders. By integrating with Stripe, we have the technology infrastructure needed to implement new, innovative services like Group Ordering, Split Checks and Driver Payouts.

How do you improve your software?

Using your input. As a client, we are in constant communication so we can understand your needs, ideas, and suggestions. We continually release upgrades as we incorporate the best ideas. All clients run the same software so everyone gets the benefit of collaboration.

Do you travel to my business when we launch?

Not usually. Our software has been designed with the non-technical person in mind, so startup and operation is simple. We believe face-to-face client interaction is special, though, so we make every effort to see our clients on an annual basis — usually at the RDS convention in Las Vegas every spring. And drinks are on us — it’s Vegas baby!

Can I see more of your software?

Fill out the contact form, we will send you a link to demo the website

How long does it usually take to get started?

Once you purchase the software we will have your site up within 48-72 hours.

Can I have my own email address?

Yep. You can even have You can have as many email addresses as you want. We recommend you use Google Apps for you email hosting, we do not provide any email hosting.

Do you have someone I can call with questions?

Of Course. We can likely answer all your “How do I do this …” software questions.

So I can have my own website?

Yes. Our software is really a website. Your website. All we need is a logo, and you can be online and accepting new orders within the same day.

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes. You can manage your drivers and every aspect of your website from a beach if you want, although we advise caution when working on the beach. Our sites are completely responsive. You can choose to work from your phone, tablet, or PC.

I'm only open on certain days and times, can your website support that?

Absolutely. Our system works for hundreds of restaurants, all with varying hours and days.

I charge more for delivery (or pickup) if a customer is far away, can your system handle that?

Absolutely. Many food delivery services use zipcodes to define their delivery area. We support them but we take it a step further by allowing restaurant delivery services and restaurants define their delivery area by drawing directly on a map where exactly they want to deliver.

Do you host the website?

Yes, we work with LiquidWeb to offer enterprise quality, scalable, reliable hosting.

How much is hosting?

Free. Hosting, support, and upgrades are all included in your license.

How long have you been in business?

Five years. We work with some of the largest brands in restaurant delivery service, on demand delivery, and online ordering industry as well as emerging, innovative startups.

What phones work with your software?

All. You can use pretty much any web enabled phone and carrier with our software to receive and text copies of orders to.

Is your contract like a cell phone company? Does it lock me in?

No. We hate contracts. You are free to leave and take your data with you the day you want to switch at zero cost. We want you to stay with us because you like our software and service — not because you’re contracted to it.

What if I go out of business, am I contracted to pay a certain amount?

No. We are a pay-for-performance company. You only pay your startup fee and for the orders you process. No orders = no future payments. Our success is tied to your success.