Drive Incremental Sales


Benefits for Delivery Service Providers


Drive Incremental sales with our expansive network of Restaurant Delivery Services

Our network excels in generating thousands of orders via a single integration, providing unique service personalization, data transparency, and real-time support. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on specifics like re-delivering a child's grilled cheese, sharing valuable customer data for deeper insights, and offering immediate assistance to store managers, proving that we don't just facilitate transactions, but build trust-filled business relationships.


DeliverLogic integrates seamlessly with your POS and/or inventory management system to schedule and sync deliveries with our network of partners. Drivers are dispatched at the exact time needed to pick up the order precisely when it’s ready. Predictive analytics in our Core Logistics software means your customers receive accurate ETAs from the start. And they continue to receive updates throughout the journey all the way through delivery at their doorsteps.


Delivery partners can also sell and market your menus to customers through their own websites and sales channels, effectively giving you a whole new set of revenue streams. This is yet another way that DeliverLogic is designed to help your business increase sales while streamlining costs.

Optimize your restaurant’s delivery and grow
your bottom line with DeliverLogic.


Join the Delivery Partner Network and gain access to more clients and new sales channels.

Becoming a delivery partner means you will join our network of over 150+ independent local operators, and get access to all the opportunities and benefits that come with it. We provide training and webinars to help you run your business more efficiently, and create opportunities to connect with other delivery operators in the industry.

Most importantly, we help you grow your business and drive more sales. As a delivery partner, you have the ability to start delivering orders for any of our national restaurant partners in your area. This can be an instant game changer for your delivery business, providing a steady, consistent pipeline of recurring business. You can even add their menus to your own custom ordering website. This allows you to take orders directly, with different options for pricing and marking up items, driving sales for both of you.