Features and benefits of integrating with DeliverLogic


Expand your product
features and capabilities


Client capture more orders
and increase revenue


Comprehensive, bespoke and
versatile delivery solutions


Automated driver dispatch
& order management


Best-in-class driver logistics


Offload customer
support to us


Automated delivery solutions that help grow revenue are powerful, yet flexible.

Integrate our delivery logistics and management system into your software and give your clients multiple methods for executing delivery. Offering delivery opens up a vast new opportunity to increase orders and grow sales. And your clients don’t even need their own delivery drivers, as they can leverage our Delivery Partner Network instead. Let our network of experienced, professional drivers execute deliveries for them. This is a great way to offer delivery without losing profits to the expensive fees charged by other third party apps. Additionally, by integrating this capability into your POS system, all the customer data stays with you and your clients too.


For your clients that do run their own delivery in-house, smart order management and automated driver dispatch will save them time and money, freeing up more resources to handle higher order volumes. You can white label our driver app as part of your product offering and give your clients a best-in-class mobile app for their drivers as well. Loaded with features, the app allows their drivers to manage orders more efficiently, send status updates, communicate with dispatch and control their own payouts.

Offer customer support modules that make your clients’ lives easier.

DeliverLogic offers unparalleled customer support through our products and our US-based support team. Now you can offer this service directly to your clients! Let us serve as the unified point of contact between customers and drivers, shielding your clients from any customer service issues that arise. You can also utilize our customer support software as part of your product offering, including smart tech like chatbots that are powered by AI.


Build more customer loyalty by adding online ordering if you don’t already offer it.

Similar to our driver app and delivery logistics platform, you can integrate our online ordering solutions into your software as well if it doesn’t already have that capability. Custom websites and mobile apps are feature rich, and provide an elegant ordering experience that your clients’ customers will love. Once we’ve built out the integration, your POS system provides your clients with a single, unified platform to manage every aspect of their sales and orders.