Newsletter Release Notes August 22nd : Hours Worked Report, Restaurant Invoice Report and Additional Surge Fees

August 22, 2022

Newsletter Release Notes:
Hours Worked Report,
Restaurant Invoice Rerport and
Additional Surge Fees

Hours Worked Driver Report

Hours Worked report is a great tool to keep track of drivers that are getting paid a guarantee to be checked in and/or run orders.

Depending on their agreement with you as an operator you can easily check through CheckIn/CheckOut times as well as see Hourly Rates and how much they are getting paid for the time periods they are driving.

If you haven't yet checked out our Driver Floor Pay feature you can read about it HERE

Restaurant Invoice Report

The wide variety of reports in our system helps you keep your business profitable, stable and organized.

We have upgraded the Restaurant Invoice Report many times and by improving it we make your life as an operator easier. You can now set default for your restaurants so you DON'T have to run this report multiple times depending on relationships/agreements you have with a certain partner.

Additional Surge Fees

Additional Surge Fees are OPTIONAL and usually work well for locations that have longer drive times because it utilizes a “per minute” setup.


If Mileage Based Fees are enabled, this will be presented as a "Surge Fee" to the customer.


The number of minutes for the shortest route will be multiplied by this number and if it’s greater than the established delivery fee, the difference will be added as a "Surge Fee" line item on the total.

Additional Features and Updates

Providing a customized ordering experience for customers can help you greatly in getting the customers to actually finish checking out.

Our menu building section can be customized in many ways but our biggest potential is in the pre-selected options. This lets you offer any BYO item like Burgers, Salads, Rice Bowl and others but have the restaurant's original creations included.
(ex. Buffalo Chicken Pizza with BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Chicken and Cheese already pre-selected for the customer)

It will also allow you to offer creations and specifications that your customers ACTUALLY like because if they can order an item just like they order at a Drive-Thru or inside a restaurant they are more likely to go through with the order and check out.

Driver AutoComms are a very useful notifying system that will automatically update drivers by App Notification, Smart Call or SMS.


This can greatly improve efficiency between you as an operator, dispatchers and drivers. It will also help your drivers to stay on track to deliver MORE orders quickly!

DeliverLogic Weekly Meetings

Make sure you check out our Weekly meeting where we you can learn about all the great features and tricks to help your business thrive!


Also if you are looking for someone to take over your dispatch and support so you can invest your time on growing your business.
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