Newsletter Release Notes August 5th : Search Engine Optimization Settings, 3rd Party Drivers and Auto Bundler Settings

August 8, 2022

Newsletter Release Notes:
Rewards Marketplace,
3rd Party Drivers and
Dispatch Screen Columns

Rewards Marketplace

Let your customers have more value with your delivery service by offering them rewards points and a marketplace where they can spend their points wisely.


Select from a variety of different vendors for gift cards OR offer gift certificates from your own delivery service and keep those customers spending their points with you by giving them discounts compared to other vendors.

Tiered Delivery Fee Zones

By planning out your fees and mileages through our tiered system you can plan your business better and offer a competitive price in each part of your location with ease.

This way you can keep both your customers and your drivers happy while having your business on the right track to be profitable and expandable.

Dispatch Screen Columns

If you are not utilizing our dispatching services you can customize your dispatch screen to fit your needs.

Making it organized for YOU can greatly increase productivity AND efficiency for orders. Deep customization of our software ensures you can complete tasks quickly and focus more on expanding your business.

Additional Features and Updates

Utilizing our automated marketing package you get a wide variety of premade automations but you can also create custom "events" also known as "triggers" to make your own plans for the automated marketing suite.

Check out the article above to learn more and feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding it.

Automated marketing can take the headache of sales away so you can focus on your partners and growing your relationships with new partners.

Keeping up with a large selection of restaurants has it's pros but also has some cons and that's maintenance.

Making sure all your restaurant partners have their tablets up to date can be challenging but if problems occur you can always take a look at this article and go through these steps with the restaurants that do have issues and hopefully resolve them quickly.

DeliverLogic Weekly Meetings

Make sure you check out our Weekly meeting where we you can learn about all the great features and tricks to help your business thrive!


Also if you are looking for someone to take over your dispatch and support so you can invest your time on growing your business.
We can help!