Weekly Meetings


Monday at 4pm EST

Live Software Training With Dave

Perfect for anyone that is just getting started on the DeliverLogic food delivery software platform or any current RDS team that has questions about how the software work or "How to do X, Y, Z."


Saturday at 3pm EST

Open Training + Q&A

Join Dave from the DeliverLogic team to hang out on Saturday afternoons and get any questions you might have answered!

Bi-Weekly Meetings


Every Other Tuesday at 4PM EST

Marketing + API Discusson

Join the bi-weekly marketing party to discuss marketing tips, tricks, needs, and insight from DeliverLogic and other delivery service owners.


Every Other Wednesday at 1:30PM EST

Financials + Q&A

Join the DeliverLogic team to discuss through financials, features, automations. We want to make sure you have any questions comments or concerns addressed

Meet with the CEO and top level management.


Every Other Thursday at 1:30PM EST

New Features + Q&A

Join Matt and Juliette from the DeliverLogic team to discuss new feature updates and information or questions regarding POS integrations.

Monthly Meetings


3rd Wednesday of the month 5:30-7:30PM EST

Live Dispatch Party

We know that dispatch and customer support are vital to the success of your business. We also know that the attention to detail that many RDS owners and managers give to this detail of the business can really set you apart from the "Big Guys"

Join us one night each month for a live dispatch session to review how autodispatch works, any new automatic dispatch updates that have been made, and even dig into any individual orders that have you wondering "What the heck is going on with this thing"?