Features and benefits for restaurant delivery


Take orders online and
increase sales


Automated marketing tools
to build loyalty


Generate Google reviews &
increase brand awareness


Bespoke delivery options
customized to your needs


Solutions that scale, from
single stores to franchises


Exceptional customer
service & support options


Your customer data
belongs to you


Drive efficiency and
save money


Perfect for ghost kitchens
& cloud kitchens


Increase sales by taking orders directly online.

It’s time to ditch the expensive fees from third party apps and increase your bottom line profits.

Delight your customers with seamless ordering experiences that build your brand’s value and save you money. Accept orders directly through your own branded website, custom mobile app, or even through Google and Apple.

Leave the customer support and satisfaction to us.

Coordinating redeliveries for missing items like a kid’s chicken fingers can be a major headache for restaurants. These small issues can quickly escalate into big problems, making it difficult for restaurants to execute on both delivery and takeout orders through direct channels. Fortunately, Deliverlogic takes care of these issues for you. Capture more value by taking direct orders without the headache or overhead of customer support.


Become a lean, mean marketing machine with ease.

Drive more traffic through the door and online with our automated marketing system. DeliverLogic offers tools for email, SMS text messages and mobile app push notifications. We can also sync with your existing loyalty programs, or help you set up a loyalty and rewards program from scratch. This is a fantastic way to build brand loyalty and increase repeat orders. We also help you generate positive reviews for your business on Google, boosting your online reach and helping attract new customers.

Order management and driver logistics software that was designed specifically for restaurants.

Whether you run a traditional restaurant, a whole group of restaurants, or a ghost kitchen with multiple concepts, DeliverLogic handles all the complexities of order and driver management with ease. This efficiency allows you to handle greater order volume and frees up your human resources for more important tasks. Our platform analyzes the amount of orders, delivery locations and available drivers to automatically bundle orders and create the most optimal delivery routes. And if you don’t want to run your own delivery fleet in-house, you can utilize the DeliverLogic Partner Network to handle all your deliveries.


DeliverLogic scales for franchises, restaurant groups, ghost kitchens and more.

Efficiency is the name of the game. As your business grows larger and you execute more orders, the platform gets smarter and more efficient. Everything from order times and auto bundling to logistics and driver routing are continuously optimized. Our online ordering and automated marketing solutions were designed to support multiple concepts and cross promote brands, which is perfect for restaurant groups and ghost / cloud kitchens.