Newsletter Release Notes September 19th: Featured Restaurant, Order Editing and Fraud Alerts

September 19, 2022

Newsletter Release Notes:
Cuisine Tags and Dietary Labels,
Restaurant Setup and
Restaurant Profile Troubleshooting

Cuisine Tags and Dietary Labels

With everything being available online nowadays customers often get overwhelmed with the amount of options they have at any given time.
Creating LESS friction on your website and a clear PATH for the customers can greatly increase your conversions/sales.

Cuisine Tags and Dietary Labels can easily GUIDE your customers through your website and help them make a decision depending on what they are in the MOOD for.
Utilizing these organizational tools our software provides will help you grow with little to almost no overhead because these are already included with your package.

Cuisine Tags include a large selection of

Food specific tags
(ex. Burgers, Pizza, Wings)

Region/Nationality specific

( Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, etc...)

Our Dietary Labels include:

  • Spicy
  • Gluten-free
  • Low-carb
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Vegan

These labels can help you make marketing material for your restaurant partners by creating multiple targeted audiences for greater ROI compared to traditional "broad" marketing.

Restaurant Setup

In order to setup your new restaurant partners for success you need to ensure you input as much info and tags as needed so your customers can make a quick decision to order from that restaurant.

This includes well formatted and good looking logos, you can see our video on that HERE <---
There are also several ways to incentivize new and existing customers to order from your new restaurant partners


Restaurant Profile Troubleshooting

Managing multiple locations, a couple dozen partnered restaurants, non-partnered ones AND our national partners can sometimes provide a challenge of making sure everything is up to date without doing some serious leg work and that's OKAY, nobody is perfect and sometimes things slip through the cracks especially when you're a smaller business and trying to grow it on your own without a team.

With all the options, toggles, info and other things we offer in our software it is easy to forget setting certain things up, but don't worry we have you covered!

Follow this video to see everything that can affect the visibility of a  restaurant on your website and how to fix it with ease! 🙂

Additional Features and Updates

Saving your time and focusing on things that matter more to you can be challenging so we're always looking for ways to automate things in order to allow you to do that.

Our fully automated menu builder can create full menus with all options and sub-options in minutes. If our menu builder is unable to find information and create one you can always contact us and we can have our menu creation team do it for you.

Once you are ready to expand your team and grow your business we have an easy solution to appoint people in your system to correct roles.

Whether if it's a manager, sales representative, customer support representative, dispatcher or any other role you might need you can easily give them permissions to things YOU want them to have while keeping your finances and other sections of the software private if needed.

Read more about it below and start managing your team with ease!

DeliverLogic Weekly Meetings

Make sure you check out our Weekly meeting where we you can learn about all the great features and tricks to help your business thrive!


Also if you are looking for someone to take over your dispatch and support so you can invest your time on growing your business.
We can help!