Core Logistics

Core Logistics is at the heart of the most advanced last mile delivery platform. It combines predictive traffic patterns, order-to-driver ratios, and data points from google maps and other sources with your internal operations to formulate the most accurate delivery times and efficient driver routes. This lets your drivers earn more with a higher delivery capacity. And your customers will be delighted by fast, accurate ETAs.

Automatic Dispatch, Routing and Bundling

Automatic dispatch determines the perfect time for when a restaurant should execute an order- combining prep times with traffic logistics, driver locations, and other data. Smart routing and auto bundling further increase efficiency by analyzing the total number of orders, locations and available drivers to create the most optimal delivery routes. Smart scheduling for both pickup and delivery is based on real-world availability and current traffic conditions. Say goodbye to manually managing orders, DeliverLogic handles that for you.


Driver Logistics App

Our integrated driver app is easy to use, intuitive and feature rich. Utilizing core logistics, it provides drivers with the most efficient routing and navigation. Drivers make more money by carrying out more deliveries thanks to smart routing and auto bundling. Efficiency and earnings for everyone!

Grow your business with our Partner Networks

Being part of the DeliverLogic Delivery Partner Network means you can automatically start taking orders from any of our National Restaurant Partners in your service area. This provides you with immediate opportunities to expand your sales. And our Menu Builder lets you instantly add the menus from your delivery clients to your own ordering website, giving you the option to take and process orders directly. You can partner directly with these restaurants, or customize your own markup on prices.

And if you find yourself in a bind and are short on delivery drivers, you can tap another delivery partner from our Delivery Partner Network to help carry out your orders until you have driver availability again. This allows you both to generate revenue and keeps your business running smoothly. It’s a win-win for everyone.