Newsletter Release Notes February 10th: Push Notifications, Coupon Codes and Rewards Marketplace

February 10, 2023

Newsletter Release Notes:
Push Notifications,
Coupon Codes and
Rewards Marketplace

Push Notification Marketing

Increasing your daily order volume can be much easier than it seems.
Our Push Notifications can alert your customers through their phones about your latest offers and discounts.

There are many ways and tactics you can use to upgrade your marketing game but Push Notifications feature makes it very easy and accessible.

Combining this with our Coupon Codes feature which you can create in minutes can really incentivize your customers to order more frequently and utilize those discounts which will in turn boost your bottom line, keep your drivers happy and of course make your business grow.

You can learn how to create Coupon Codes in the section below.

Coupon Codes

Keeping an existing customer ordering is somewhat easy but acquiring a new customer can cost you up to x10 more in comparison.

Offering great value Coupon Codes for first time users is just one of the ways you can attract new customers but these Coupons can also help you in GREATLY increasing your sales volume if utilized properly.

A few great options you can use in
our Coupon Code Builder are:
- Max Uses
- Max Uses per Customer
- Limit to First Time Users only
- Limit to App Orders
And many more.

Rewards Marketplace

Since we are already talking about Coupon Codes, Push Notifications and other tactics of customer retention and acquisition we should mention our Rewards Marketplace.

This is a great way to show appreciation to your customers while keeping your costs low and giving them a reason to order more often from your delivery service.

Make sure you check out our Confluence page and watch the video to see how this whole setup shines, including the Auto Redemption, Points Multiplier, Order Booster, creating your own Gift Certificates for points and more.

Additional Features and Updates

Lowering the amount of "busy work" you have can help you onboard new restaurant partners quicker and a great way to do so for your business is to introduce existing partners and also present potential new restaurant partners with our Merchant Portal.

Let your restaurant partners take "control" and eliminate the amount of tasks you have to do on a daily basis.

Your restaurant partners will be able to edit:

  • Hours
  • Menus
  • Pull reports
  • Review simple financials
  • Edit their FREE website with our Website Builder.

Fast paced restaurants like Delis and Chinese Takeout can heavily rely on speed and volume because their food tends to be a bit cheaper so their margins are not as high as for example a steakhouse.

This is where our bluetooth printers can streamline the operations so the restaurant's speed doesn't suffer from Delivery orders that you send them.

Having an option to quickly print a ticket out for the kitchen can make or break a deal for restaurant partnership and this can help you cover your ground.

Click read more to learn which printers we suggest and how it works.

DeliverLogic Weekly Meetings

Make sure you check out our Weekly meeting where we you can learn about all the great features and tricks to help your business thrive!


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