January 2022 Release Notes: Places and Subplaces, Site Editor and Merchant Portal

January 12, 2022

January 2022 Release Notes:
Places, Sub-places and Site Editor


Expanding your business can sometimes come to a halt and it can be difficult to breach that easily, especially if you're not planning on expanding your delivery radius.


There are many ways Places can help you expand:

  • Hotels
  • Military bases
  • Motels
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Beaches
    And many more...


We hope you'll find these updates and the info helpful, check it out now:

Places and Subplaces feature

There are certain improvements you can add to your existing location/s website with our Places and Sub-places feature.
It provides your customers with a faster checkout option by utilizing the Places you set up for them instead of them looking up their address. You can also pre-approve restaurants that are available to these Places as well as the times of the day where you allow those customers to order.

This can help you fill out those "dead" times of the day between lunch and dinner or simply improve the order volume during breakfast. It can also incentivize your customers to order more if their co-workers are also hungry by giving Places and Subplaces special discounted Delivery Fees.

We saw many benefits to utilizing Places and Subplaces.

You can build up your brand awareness in the community when you offer special discounts for institutions, facilities and other places.
Offering a special delivery time and price for Police Departments, Hospitals, EMS, Firehouses and many more can boost morale and help your business thrive.

Through this feature you will be able to

  • Deliver at specific times
  • Offer special prices/discounts
  • Limit restaurant selection per Place
  • Allow groups to order for future dates

Site Editor

Introducing: Site Editor for Customer Facing Website.

In order to stand out of the crowd and make your delivery service more appealing to your new AND existing customers it's always smart to put your own little twist to your website's design.

The site editor will allow you to do just that, you will be able to:

  • Add pages
  • Modify design
  • Add pictures
  • Create a hiring page
  • Link pages to your social media platforms
  • Add an onboarding page for restaurants
    ......and many more.

Friendly reminder: ALWAYS copy the code and save it somewhere before you make any changes in order to revert back in case you mess something up. ­čÖé

Merchant Portal Menu Editing

Do you find yourself making changes for your restaurant partners often?

A great way to substantially lower the time needed to provide support for your restaurants is to show them our Merchant Portal.
This way you can have restaurants make changes on the fly and update their menus and hours of operation with ease.

All you have to do is point them to "yoururl.com/merchantaccess" and use their OrderLogic (Tablet) login info to access this. From here they can take over the updates and you can focus on things that your business might need more like Customer Service, Leads generation, Marketing, Hiring and Onboarding.