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DeliverLogic's main goal is to equip our local delivery service clients with the tools needed for automation, efficiency, and satisfied customers.


Apple | Google | Facebook Login

Logging in and creating an account is now even easier with Facebook, Google, and Apple Login all integrated into your brands Premium Consumer Apps.

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Apple pay logo

No need for anyone to go search for their purse or wallet to order food from your delivery service anymore. The Apple Pay integration allows customers to easily place their delivery orders with just their phone using any cards stored in their Apple Wallet.

google pay for food delivery app

Allow your Android customers to checkout without needing their credit cards handy. They can now order with ease using Google Pay in your app and on your website, with just a couple of clicks.

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driver autopay screenshot from the driverlogic app

Driver Auto Pay

Pay your delivery drivers automatically. Save 100s of hours a year and keep your driver partners happy.

Restaurant Auto Pay

Stop worrying about daily, weekly, or monthly payouts to your restaurants. Automate this process and save yourself time and money while making restaurant partners even more excited to work with you.

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Automated Marketing


Push Notifications