What to do if I have an issue?

If there are issues with any orders, please scan this QR code for various contact methods.

Download and print out for in house staff >>Download & Print PDF for In-store Use<<

How do I recognize orders from your network?

All orders under our network will say DeliverLogic, despite our locally based operators having their own company names.

How are payments handled?

Close out orders to the DeliverLogic payment key in your POS. No payment needed upon arrival. All settlements are done weekly with the bank account already on file with us.

Where do your orders originate from?

We have a network of over 200 DSPs. Orders are captured through web or app on many different websites. All customers have emails and texts sent to them with all the order providers details. 

How do I check finances and order information?

Reconcile and review orders in our Restaurant Portal. Request access through your Corporate Representatives.

The page you will visit is located here:

What are benefits to using your service?
  1. You have access to all customer data.
  2. We take care of all redeliveries with no questions asked.
  3. We handle all customer refunds and never ask our restaurant partners to cover the costs.
  4. We generate thousands of positive Google reviews for our clients.
  5. Our customer support is top notch. We constantly protect our brands reputation by taking responsibility for any issues the customer may have!

Send Us Your Feedback or Questions

Use this form for any concerns unrelated to orders needing immediate attention.  This can include topics like Accounting, Reporting, Reconciliation and General Technology inquiries.