Optional Add-Ons

Auto Dispatch

  • Dispatch More Orders with Less Manpower
  • Focus on Growing Your Business
  • Efficient Business Opertaions with Less Overhead
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Smart Pay

Smart Pay allows you to efficienty pay your Pay on Pickup restaurants!

  • Autoload cards with the value of an order.
  • Efficient pay at pickup logic.
  • Cards are $1.00 each.
  • All fees are removed from the Stripe deposits at the time of purchase.

Smart Customer Communication

The Smart Customer Communication includes the order delayed, waiting at restaurant, driver enroute, and arriving soon notifications. Each can be turned off or on independently of one another. Increase your delivery efficiencies and customer satisfaction!

Options Include:

  • Order Delayed Communication
  • Waiting on Restaurant Communication
  • Enroute Communication
  • Arriving Soon Communication
  • The ability to relay all communications

Pricing Varies

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Push Notifications

Promote your business to your customers right on your app.

  • Unlimited app and web push notifications.
  • Includes anonymization of customer's data
  • Increase customer engagement and order volume by having direct marketing channel with your user base
Per User$0.01
Monthly Minimum$50

Rewards Marketplace

Allow your customers to purchase gift cards that are generated instantly and emailed to them. You specify the number of reward points required to purchase the gift cards. You will be billed daily for any purchases. You can also offer system generated gift certificates for your service.

Branded Gift Certificates for Your CompanyFree
External Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Visa + Many More)1.5% and $0.75 per item
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DeliverLogic Automation & Marketing Portal

Send out marketing emails, text messages, setup marketing automation, and automatically sync your customer data.

Price Per MonthUp To This Many Contacts
$701000 Contacts
$1252,500 Contacts
$1695,000 Contacts
$24910,000 Contacts
$39925,000 Contacts
$52050,000 Contacts
$60075,000 Contacts
$700100,000 Contacts

Smart Services

Automate calling merchants when they don't accept orders.

Automate sending communications to your customers to handle situations that greatly reduce man hours and costs.

We see an average response time of 1.25 minutes for each smart call confirmation. At two minutes a call for 1,000 orders your smart confirm cost will be about $75 a month. This can save you about $900 a month in labor per 1,000 orders. But don’t take our word for it, sign up today and get a 30 day free trial.

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Smart Support Integrated VOIP

Place and answer calls directly from your computer. Instantly pull up customer information and orders and make detailed notes about the calls. With optional call queueing, recording, and voicemail transcription this is designed to replace your current phone system.

Incoming Calls$0.01/minute
Outgoing Calls$0.02/minute
Call Recordings (optional)$0.02/minute
Voicemail Transcription (optional)$0.06/minute
Queued Call (optional)$0.03/call
Per Agent$15/month

Smart Fleet

Manage your drivers - Automate Payments

  • Maintain compliance with contractor and employment regulations by managing your fleet through an extended 3rd party service.
  • Includes general commercial liability insurance coverage; hired non-auto, umbrella liability and professional liability, naming you as the certificate holder.
  • Directly integrated with DeliverLogic for easy reporting & payments.
Per Order$0.40
On All Driver Payments15%

Courier Services

  • Provide delivery for national restaurant brands.
  • Customers receive your contact info on receipts, and full order status trackability.
  • Delivery fees + driver tips paid out to you on a bi-weekly schedule.


Eatabit Wifi e-Printers

  • Wifi enabled printer with unlimited use.
  • Unlimited order printing (no separate bluetooth printer required). Thermal paper
  • Full Integration into dispatch dashboard. Automatic order confirmation (eliminating need for manual phone confirmations)
  • Real time automatic food prep time relay (restaurant updates current food prep time)
Initial Fee Per Printer$75
Monthly Fee Per Printer$30