Google Pay

Easy for you, easier for your customers. Get more orders and give your customers peace of mind.


For You

Increased Sales

Faster and easier checkout means a better experience for your customers, higher ratings for your food delivery app and more repeat business for your company. Save your customers time and effort while you increase your own conversion rates.


No Extra Transaction Fees

Restaurant Delivery Services don't have to pay more when customers use Google Pay. Just pay your standard processing fees and capture funds just like normal.

Better Security

Google Pay uses advanced card tokenization to reduce merchant risk and minimize your delivery services exposure to fraud.


For Your Customers


Fast & Easy Purchases

With Google Pay, your customers can speed through checkout when they're ordering food. Get them their food fast, they're hungry and with ordering this easy, they'll be back for more.

Peace of Mind

When customers use Google Pay to make a purchase in your mobile app their card information is kept secure by Google. Google Pay doesn't send the actual card info anywhere, instead, they share a type of virtual account number that represents the account info needed to complete the purchase.