Turnkey Restaurant Delivery System

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Complete Delivery Logistics Software

DeliverLogic provides a complete turn-key delivery logistics solution to delivery providers looking to manage, automate, and enhance their end-to-end systems.

DL•Core (short for “DeliverLogic Core”) is the premium design template and user experience for capturing orders quickly and easily online, and managing the dispatch process between restaurants, drivers, and customers.

OL and DL integration@2x

Restaurant App & Driver App

Once an order is captured on your customer-facing website or mobile app, the real work begins, as far as managing that order through all of the delivery logistics such as: (1) confirming the order with the restaurant, (2) dispatching the order to driver, (3) tracking the driver in real-time, and the list goes on.

OrderLogic is DeliverLogic’s restaurant-management application, which allows restaurants to easily view, confirm, and fulfill orders originating from your business.  It is fully-integrated with your DeliverLogic core system, and allows for real-time, quick, and efficient communication and order management with all of your partner restaurants.

DriverLogic is DeliverLogic’s driver-management application, which allows delivery drivers to easily receive orders on their phone, manage pickups and deliveries, organize their workflow, and allow customers to see their orders as they travel in real-time.  This is just another piece of the DeliverLogic suite of products that work together, to help make your delivery business a huge success.

Delivery Software with POS Integration

At DeliverLogic, we understand how delivery logistics works on the ground level, and as a result, we know how impactful and beneficial saving even a minute when handling a delivery order can be.  As a result, we have created robust and direct integrations with the top industry-leading POS systems, so that your staff and resources can focus on quickly and efficiently scaling your delivery service business.

Some of the POS systems DL•CORE integrated directly with are:

POS Integration@2x
OL and DL integration@2x

Admin Dashboard & Reporting

Understanding every aspect of your business is crucial for long-term success, and with DeliverLogic’s powerful reporting and analysis features, you can understand exactly where your business is thriving, and where it may need a bit of a boost.  You can generate reports on pretty much any data point you collect, such as order summary reports, or driver payout reports, or accounting reports.

Also, if any of the pre-configured reports don’t satisfy your need, you can utilize the built-in report generator feature to create and save your own custom reports by analyzing data points that you feel are most important for the success of your business.

3rd Party Integrations

For those power players who are looking to further boost their business, we have several add-on features and integrations that we’ve developed to work directly with the DL•CORE platform.  Once you have your system in place, you can easily enable these integrations directly from your administration dashboard.

Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

3rd party icons-01

Marketing Automation

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