Driver & Order Management App

Simplify & automate driver operations


Easily Communicate Order Details & Geo-Data with Drivers

With DeliverLogic’s DriverLogic software, you can equip your drivers with an easy-to-use, fully-integrated app which allows them to accept and manage orders, update order statuses, communicate directly with dispatch via chat, provide real-time tracking of their current location, facilitate automatic order update status notifications to the consumer, and provide robust earning reporting for your drivers.

Benefits to your business:

  • Simplification of the order management for drivers
  • Easy order updates via DriverLogic app integration
  • Ability to track drivers in real-time when they're checked in
  • Provide immediate, on-the-fly reporting to your drivers
  • Usage of this app puts your driver into the alogrithym that defines the "best driver" for an order
  • Automatically pay drivers
driver logic screenshot