For National Restaurants

For Delivery Service Providers


National Restaurants

Drive more incremental sales. 

National brands like Five Guys, Applebees, Red Robin, Hardees and more are already utilizing the power of our Partner Network. That’s because with over 150 regional delivery operators, our network generates thousands of additional orders through a single integration. You’ll gain instant access to additional sales channels by having our delivery operators take orders for you through their own websites, apps and marketplaces.

Expand your delivery reach.

Utilize our network of delivery providers to expand your geographic reach and automate delivery management. DeliverLogic integrates seamlessly with your POS and/or inventory management system to schedule and sync deliveries with our drivers. Our local operators are true professionals who are obsessed with making sure customers are always satisfied. Even if that means coming back to re-deliver that kids grilled cheese sandwich, at no cost to the customer.

And with multiple delivery partners to choose from, efficiency is always on your side. Our software automatically chooses the most optimal delivery option that balances speed with cost. Additionally, both DoorDash and UberEats are integrated with our networks as fallback options. This means our dispatch team will always have a driver ready to deliver your food fresh and on-time.


We’ll handle customer support for you.

Coordinating redeliveries for missing items like a kid’s chicken fingers can be a major headache for your staff and management teams. This leads many businesses to simply not accept direct orders to avoid potential issues. But DeliverLogic has a US-based dispatch & support team can handle all of this for you. We can even take orders over the phone for you, and then add them into your POS / ordering system. Our dispatch team also manages the partners in our delivery networks, so that you always get the best pricing for your deliveries, while your customers receive consistently exceptional service.

Delivery Service Providers

Gain access to more clients and new sales opportunities.

Becoming a delivery partner means you’ll join our network of over 150+ independent local operators, and get access to all the opportunities and benefits that come with it. We provide training and webinars to help you run your business more efficiently, and create opportunities to connect with other delivery operators in the industry.

You also gain the ability to deliver orders for any of our National Restaurant Partners in your area. This provides you with a new pipeline of recurring orders from well-known and respected brands. You can also monetize your drivers by allowing them to make deliveries for other delivery partners who are in need of a driver. These requests are automated across our Partner Network, allowing your drivers to choose between automatically or manually accepting orders when they are available.


Increase order volume with your own website, app or marketplace.

Our one-click menu builder lets you import menus from the restaurants and businesses you serve, so you can start taking orders through a website or app of your own. This includes any of our National Restaurant Partners in your geographic area. These well-known brands have consistent order volumes that can significantly boost your revenue. Orders are captured and sent to the business, and then your driver is automatically dispatched when it’s time to make the delivery. You can add your own item markups and offer upsells to further increase average order values.

And if you get so busy that you’re short on drivers, fear not! You can use drivers from other partners in our network when needed, including drivers from 3rd party apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. You still get a piece of the sale, and more importantly, your customer remains loyal and satisfied, thanks to their on-time delivery.