Portal SOP

Portal Master & Contact Forms SOP


-Welcome to the Portal Master role within DeliverClub. Portals are companies that provide online ordering options to consumers. Portals are typically national companies that vary in size that allow for RDS’ to promote their restaurant partners as a way to capture more orders. The main portals we deal with are Grubhub, Eat24, Eatstreet, Delivery.com and Tapingo. Grubhub is the largest of this group, who also have acquired Eat24, Tapingo and Seamless. The majority of these orders have the ability to directly inject into DeliverLogic via Lightning Orders (a robot that injects the order into DeliverLogic). Eatstreet and Tapingo are the only portal orders that will not be injected into the dispatch screen and must be entered manually.

  • The main responsibilities as a Portal Master will be as follows:
    • Monitor portal slack channel to ensure all orders are properly entered or manually entered if not on lightning
    • Confirming all portal orders with their confirmation links/buttons to ensure we acknowledge we received the order
    • Enter in any orders with failed lightning or manual enters
    • Communicate with all portals in regards to any cancellations or issues
    • Check any Lightning Orders that need review and make sure the correct items are adjusted on the order
    • Communicating with supervisor about menu items, pricing issues, or restaurant no longer available
    • Please remember that most consumers are unaware that when they order through each portal, a different provider or delivery service may be completing these orders. If they have any issues with their account, need a receipt, or are upset and want refunds, we either must handle this with each portal or have them contact the portal directly.

Responsibilities with How To:

  • Enter in any orders with failed lightning or manual enters
    • Always ensure that each Grubhub or Eat24 order has a matching Lightning email in the portal channel, as they sometimes get missed by lightning. These orders will need to be manually entered.
    • Some orders will lightning in but do not have a matching lightning email in the slack channel. Please check the dispatch board to ensure that the order was injected before manually entering the order in. 
  • Communicate with all portals in regards to any cancellations or issues
    • You can communicate with Gruhbub or Eat24 via chat, but they are not always the best at getting these problems solved. EatStreet or Delivery.com orders will need to be called. You can find their customer service number on the original portal email.
  • Check any Lightning orders that needs review and make sure the correct items are adjusted on the order
    • These orders will be highlighted yellow on the dispatch screen to indicate needs review with the items in question also highlighted. Please ensure you double check all items as lightning might not highlight an item that is inputted incorrectly
    • All portals should match the prices on the portal vs marked up price RDS may have set up 

Entering a Portal Order:

  • Click to open the order in slack so you can view the order in its entirety
  • Click New Order on Dispatch Screen
  • Search for customer by their phone number in the system to see if their account is set up from previous order. If the customers account is set up, please ensure the customers delivery address is correct.
  • If this is a new customer, click the Green New Customer Button on the right hand side of New Order Screen
    • Under New Customer screen, enter the customer's name and phone number, and check No Email Address. Portal companies do not provide this information.
    • Next add the customers address as it appears on the portal order. Please make sure you add any special delivery instruction notes to the Special Instructions portion of the delivery address. 
  • Upon setting up the customers account, find the restaurant and enter in the order as it appears on the portal order. 
  • After entering in the entire order, on the right hand side above the cart change the source from DC (DeliverClub) to whatever the applicable portal account and RDS. For example if the customer ordered with Eatstreet for a Fastguys restaurant, please select Eatstreet - Fastguys. 
  • Ensure that the totals match correctly between the portal and RDS side. If the subtotal is off it is likely do to a pricing issue with restaurant and portal, so please note this and let the manager on duty of the issue. It could also be a tax issue but please ensure the totals do match for accounting purposes.
    • If the prices are off, Click on Charges and add a charge titled “Portal Balance” and either do a negative or positive number until the portal total and the RDS total match up correctly.
  • By ensuring that the totals are correct, you can verify you have all the correct items inputted and nothing is missed. 
  • After everything is all set, proceed to the payment page and so long as the portal is selected you will not need to select anything and complete the order. 
    • If the order is Portal Cash (which is rare), remove the portal payment, Select payment method as portal, find the correct portal account (Eatstreet - Fastguys), and change from prepaid to cash. 

Examples of Portal Emails & Lightning Emails





Example of Lightning Needs Review



Contact Forms 

  • Contact forms are another job within the portal master role. Consumers of DeliverClub and our RDS partners have the ability to submit contact jot forms rather than calling us or chatting in when they have issues. These forms need to be responded to in a timely manner, unless they are in regards to membership. If you see anything in regards to a membership or membership cancellation, please ignore as our Membership Specialist Chris Harrison handles these daily.
  • Just like the portal emails, the contact forms are submitted into a unique slack channel to ensure they are being monitored. After receiving an email, ensure that the message is not spam and so long as it is not, reach out to the consumer about their issue to help them resolve. Many times it’s either a missing item or incorrect item, so simply helping them navigate the refund or redelivery process is the best way to proceed. 
  • Just like in the portals emails, please ensure you are checking off or marking each contact form with a thumbs up or thumbs down (thumb ups for legitimate issue, thumbs down for spam). This communicates to dispatchers and supervisors that this issue is being handled. 
  • If there are any notes you need to add, please add them as a thread to the direct contact form email so that supervisors can review and be informed of how the issue was resolved. 
  • Note that all emails will show which RDS it is related to. Each of our clients have their own uniquely branded jot form to ensure we know where they are contacting us from.

Example of Spam Email:


Example of Legitimate Contact Form: