Newsletter Release Notes May 26th: Auto Zoning, Per Mile Fee in Tiers & Easy Zoning

May 26, 2023

Newsletter Release Notes:
Auto Zoning, Per Mile Fee in Tiers & Easy Zoning

Auto Zoning

Auto Zoning is a great feature that will save you time creating or updating your delivery zones. They way it works is that it takes Zip codes from your existing Restaurant profiles in order create a NEW zone that will cover all surrounding zip codes in that area depending on the mileage radius you choose.


You will see a list of Zip codes in the top box. This is a list of every zip code in this location in which you have a restaurant profile set up. Input a number in the radius field from 0.1 to 15. When you click "generate"… a NEW zone will be created in your location called "Main Zone - Radius" any zip code within the distance that you specified FROM your restaurants will be added to this zone. The zone will need to be applied to your restaurants by using the Locations > Delivery Fees setup area. Please note that currently, if you add more restaurants in the future, you’d need to run this again, but we plan to build an "auto re-autozoner" in the future.

Per Mile Fee Only For Miles In Tier

Structuring your Delivery Fees can vary depending on the restaurant you're working with. Many times the restaurant owners will want to provide a cheaper solution for the customer while paying you a higher commission and with this addition to our already very customizable Tiered Delivery Fee system you can further optimize it for your market.

Watch the video above for a step by step guide on how this affects your Mileage based fees and how you can utilize them for your business.

Delivery Fees - Easy Zoning

While we're on the topic of Delivery Fees and Zoning it's useful to go back to the fundamentals.

The TIERED STRUCTURE is our best delivery fee structure because you have the most control over what the fees are, how they’re separated depending on mileage and much more.
Before you adjust the Tiered fees on a per restaurant basis it is always useful to set up a DEFAULT for ALL of your NEW restaurants.
You can do this by navigating to LOCATIONS tab in your admin backend after which you can select the location and go to the DELIVERY FEES tab.

Additional Features and Updates

Additional Surge Fees are OPTIONAL and usually work well for locations that have longer drive times because it utilizes a “per minute” setup.


If Mileage Based Fees are enabled, this will be presented as a "Surge Fee" to the customer.

The number of minutes for the shortest route will be multiplied by this number and if it’s greater than the established delivery fee, the difference will be added as a "Surge Fee" line item on the total.


If a delivery is 10 miles away and the current delivery fee is $5.99 and your Per Minute Surge Fee is set to $0.75 the system will compare the 2 and use the greater number.
Now this means that the regular $5.99 is smaller than 10 miles x $0.75 which equals to $7.50.
Customer will still see a $5.99 DELIVERY FEE but they will also be charged the difference of
$7.50 - $5.99 which is $1.51 and it will display as a SURGE FEE.

The Additional Charges that are divided between your business and the driver will be located under the Locations settings in the ADDITIONAL CHARGES section.


Additional Charges and Gap Fees are a great way to break down your costs and pay your drivers more through clients.

Additional Charges can be anything that you think is a valid proposition to both the consumer and your driver.


We had a peak gas prices just a few months ago and implementing a Gas surcharge that goes to the driver ensured that drivers wouldn't decline orders because they know they're getting compensated fairly.
Another great way to utilize Additional Charges is a
Large Order pickup fee if your drivers are processing grocery orders and similar scenarios!
Credit processing fee on credit orders is also a pretty common additional charge that some businesses collect.
You can customize how additional charges are applied and also to which restaurants.
You are able to select specific times, shifts, order $ amounts and many more options to suit additional charges to your business needs.

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