Newsletter Release Notes May 19th: API Integration, Smart Support & Driver Creation Guide

May 19, 2023

Newsletter Release Notes:
API Integration, Smart Support & Driver Creation Guide

DeliverLogic API Integration

With access to the open DeliverLogic API, you are now able to inject orders into the software that originate directly from your restaurant or retail partners. These orders can then be dispatched, executed, and tracked inside of the DeliverLogic software so that you can easily fulfill orders from all types of different sources in one single super-powered platform.

Here are 4 basic use cases for utilizing our API to inject orders:

πŸ‘‰ Injecting Orders Into DeliverLogic Using A Single Form For Multiple Vendors
πŸ‘‰ Injecting Orders Into DeliverLogic Using A Specific Form For Each Vendor
πŸ‘‰ Injecting Orders Into DeliverLogic Using A Google Sheet For A Single Vendor
πŸ‘‰ Injecting Orders Into DeliverLogic API After Parsing Emails Received Via Another 3rd Party
For more information on the general integration and how it works, check out the video above or visit our documentation article at the link below:

Smart Support

Smart Support is an amazing additional service inside DeliverLogic that lets your team become more efficient while also providing much better customer service due to our calls and messaging center.

This service allows you to quickly handle Customer, Driver AND Restaurant issues or questions very quickly. Due to our organized Queue system as well as Dispatcher/Placer/Manager status which can tell you real-time information if said user is currently busy or not, you are able to make quick management decisions to make sure your team is being utilized to its fullest potential.

Removing frictions of more manual steps that you have to cover without Smart Support makes it a really easy decision to add something like this to your arsenal of services and boost your efficiency!

Driver Creation Guide

Our efficiency updates are not useful unless you have a strong base for your software. Creating Driver and Restaurant profiles properly and not forgetting specific settings is crucial for the first few orders that the Driver or Restaurant will process.

There are many "moving" software parts and sections that have to work together in order to harmonize the processes between Drivers, Restaurants & Customers. That's why we have to make sure we set up our Drivers and Restaurants for success.

The video above will give you all the details you will need to know in order to get a new driver up and running without any hiccups!

Additional Features and Updates

If you have a market that could use more drivers online due to a big influx of orders in a short amount of time you can message ALL unassigned drivers in a specific location through Dispatcher Chat.


If you open the Chat section and select β€œSHOW UNASSIGNED DRIVERS” you will see all drivers under a specific LOCATION that are not Checked-In so you can message all of those drivers if you want to ask them a question or see if anyone is available to take any orders.

Call-in order are not common nowadays but they are certainly a way to generate more orders with your older clientele.

If somebody calls your Delivery Service and they want to place an order over the phone you can easily handle that with a few steps.

If you have your own dispatcher team you can teach them how to do this and capture more orders quickly.

DeliverLogic Weekly Meetings

Make sure you check out our Weekly meeting where we you can learn about all the great features and tricks to help your business thrive!


Also if you are looking for someone to take over your dispatch and support so you can invest your time on growing your business.

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