Get orders for your food delivery service directly through Google with DeliverLogic

Google Food Ordering

Unlock a new channel for more orders. Tap into the millions of customers already ordering food through Google Search and Maps

  • Automated menu syncing
  • Driver customer growth
  • Funds included in standard deposits
Google Food Ordering

How It Works

  • 1 We import your menus. We sync all your restaurant partners with Google.
  • 2 Order Button Appears & customers start placing orders on Google.
  • 3 The order is then sent to a tablet or POS integration (depending on POS)
  • 4 Customers are alerted when to pick up the food based on settings that we will help you set up. Prep times for specific times and days of the week.
  • 5 Funds will be deposited to your bank account just like a standard deposit
Food Details - Google Ordering

Increase your restaurant partners online visibility

Generate revenue for restaurants that partner with your delivery service on demand. DeliverLogic allows customers to order directly from your website, Google Search, Google Maps, and even your own optional iOS and Android customer apps.

Offer takeout and delivery

Allow customers to order takeout and coordinate the deliveries using RDS Logic, our best in class Restaurant Delivery Software with Automated Dispatch, Driver Apps, Restaurant Apps, and much more.

Maps - Google Food Ordering
Pickup Order Confirmed


With our seamless integration with Google, customers can easily track their orders.  Communication can flow to and from the customer utilizing Deliverlogic's software.

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